For those of you who have demanding lifestyles and push your body and mind to the limits. Sound like most of our society in need of a vacation.  Long workdays, intense workouts, or simply a busy fast paced life. 


Our bodies require nutrients to function, and oral nutritional supplementation is sometimes not enough. IV nutrients are absorbed at a faster rate than can often be absorbed orally through our digestive system, and because our cellular demands are high, cells are able to quickly and effectively use these large doses of nutrients to optimize function and speed healing. IV vitamin therapy can re-fuel your system with the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that your body may be lacking. Consider an IV when: 

  • you want more energy throughout your day

  • you have too much stress in your life

  • you want to look younger and be healthier 

  • you can't afford to get sick and miss work 

  • you want faster recovery from workouts, and enhanced athletic performance and physical fitness

  • you want to reduce muscle pain and spasms

  • you want better mental focus and concentration at work

  • you want to boost your metabolism and accelerate weight-loss 

  • you want a deeper more restful sleep 

  • you want to eliminate nutritional deficiencies 

  • you have seasonal allergies or asthma

  • you suffer from anxiety and or depression and want to balance your moods 

  • you get headaches frequently and want to reduce them

  • you are sick with a cold or flu and need immune support

  • you want to rehydrate and detoxify after a night out

  • you want to prevent chronic disease 

  • you need extra support for surgery recovery to speed healing

  • you don't want to take a bunch of supplements